This man will continuously run  for 24 hours –  a distance  expected to exceed 140 kms. He will be in his 70th year.

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It is the kick-off event of a simultaneous campaign in Canada and India to ban asbestos use in products that can cause asbestos dust when disturbed.

The run is postponed to a date in Nov/Dec, 2016. The old runner was sidelined for several months due to injuries which made the scheduled March 2016 run impractical.
(The run was originally announced for 2015.)

Thomas was the first to run the length of the State of Kerala. This happened in 2008 when he ran 1030 kms north from the southern tip of India to the Holy Sree Mookambika Temple to create awareness about the dangers of burning plastic in the open or in incinerators that are little more than burn barrels.

The proposed 24-hour run concerning the dangers of asbestos also has three subsidiary themes of immediate relevance to India, namely sustainable waste management, ban of lead from paint, and ban of pesticides that have not been scientifically proven as harmless to man, animals and the environment. In the context of waste management, Thomas says he is delighted about the launch of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for it is an efficient way to target our attitudes. He hopes that the programme will become a movement beyond litter-cleansing in public places and address the three things India so sorely needs: (1) Proper system of sewers and sewage treatment plants in every city and town, (2) storm drainage connecting man-made drains to rivers, and (3) solid waste segregated at source, collected each week, and sent to recycling and incineration – incineration that does not send furans, dioxins or metals in to the atmosphere.

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