The mission of the Ban Asbestos Campaign is to increase, through awareness initiatives, public sensibility of the dangers of asbestos.


A dialogue among the public, the manufacturers of asbestos products, and the government needs to be science-based in order that biases do not influence decisions about the degree of danger.


Products containing asbestos that can lead to harm are not imported or manufactured or sold in India.

All-India Ban Asbestos Campaign – Phase II

This web site was launched on September 11, 2014. That date is to mark that the tragedy of the World Trade Center also spewed hundreds of tons of asbestos fibres into to the air in the US states of New York and New Jersey, affecting millions of people.


Why Phase II?

Ban Asbestos India Network (BANI) blog has been the lone voice up to now. Le us call this period, 2002-2015, Phase I. Ecorun India now joins BANI with the proposed March 7, 2016, solo ultra run of Dr. George R. Thomas to kick off Phase II and calls on other organizations to join this campaign with various races and other awareness campaigns in different places in India until asbestos is banned in our country as in the European countries.