Canada has been the major exporter of asbestos to India until 2011. I, an Indian-Canadian, am now training to continuously run 24 hours, beginning at 7 am on 7 March 2016,  in India to launch a renewed campaign – called Phase II – to ban asbestos use in both Canada and India in all products that can generate dust. That day I will be in the 70th year of my life.

I believe that my generation – Baby-boom generation – has hurt the world more than it has contributed to it – partly because it was not known in earlier days that many of the things we did hurt the environment. Sustainable waste management, avoiding the use of products containing lead, and refraining from using pesticides not scientifically proven as harmless to man, animals and the environment are other themes of the awareness run.

I ask  all Canadians who are empathetic to India’s predicament arising from the Canadian export of asbestos to India, people  from India who care deeply about the environment,  and  all my friends and well-wishers in the USA and around the world  to support my run with a contribution of $5 or $10 (Canadian or USD) – the Paypal donation facility does not accept payment in Indian rupees at this time. Your contribution would impact my run tremendously in two ways: (a) Knowing that you all have backed me I can not back out – that is, I will have to meet every mile and try my best to finish it. (b) The awareness campaign associated with the long run can be adequately financed only with donations from people; corporations can not be expected to support as the changes  this run is seeking might directly or indirectly affect their interests adversely.

The run will be shown live on TV and on this web site during the entire 24 hours of the run – night following the day. I will not stop, knowing you might be watching my progress. I will not stop knowing you have backed me.  Do spread the word about the themes of the run; the run is about us and this beautiful planet.

Thank-you !



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